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Figure Drawing Portfolio

Human anatomy is one of the fundamentals that every professional artist should know well, and the best way to learn the figure is by practicing and drawing it in many ways. In order to grasp the human figure in the most rounded way, I used different methods such as one line drawing,  the Russian academic approach and the Florentine academic approach, different poses and different models which worked together to shape my understanding of the human form, to this day I keep on learning the subtle quirks and features of the body and constantly improve in my understanding of the figure as well as my technique. This attention to detail has also led to my study of human phenotypes which I consider extremely important knowledge. When life drawing I often use anatomical illustrations or models as reference to help me understand the underlying structure of certain forms, and therefore help me achieve anatomically precise renderings. A range of my life drawings can be seen below, with  drawings from 2015 to the present day showcasing different stages of my development.   

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