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GWR II - "Largest Coffee Painting"

My second Guinness World Record is for "The largest coffee painting". I was sponsored by the Company "300 Spartans +" (a company which involves itself with self-development, motivation, general wellbeing, reaching our goals and preserving our planet from ecological disaster) as well as the Municipality of Sparta.
The Sponsoring team and I travelled to Sparta, Greece, whereby we met the Headmaster of the First Middle School of Sparta, Mr Sakellaropoulos, who kindly allowed me to create the mega coffee painting in the school’s sports centre.
The painting took three days to complete under the watchful eye of two witnesses, video and drone footage; on the 6th January, the closing ceremony was visited by the Mayor of Sparta Mr Petros Doukas, the Deputy Mayor Mrs Georgia Zaharaki, Mr Papadopoulos, the Director of the Spartans Schools Committee, the headmaster of the First Middle School of Sparta, Mr Andronicos Sakellaropoulos, hundreds of people, students and teachers. The measurement was taken by a certified Civil Engineer, Mr Stelios Chantzakos who kindly offered his services at no cost. 
The coffee painting had various meanings and illustrated, on the lower left, the serpentine Hydra symbolising the evils which act as obstacles in our lives, on the lower right, a small capsized ship engulfed in a tempest of violent waves, the Spartans trying to help each other out of the ship, bad weather, rain and thunder making it difficult for the Spartans to climb the mountain, then as they go higher and help each other Delphi is sitting on a cloud, where men make their wishes and goals, the weather changes, the sun and light provide for better conditions, and as they approach the summit of the mountain, Leonidas holds up the earth in triumph.  The concept of the painting is that no matter the obstacles in our lives if we work together persistently, we can achieve our goals and what it is we have the duty to do.
The Sponsor had arranged for the painting to travel from Sparta to Cyprus and a Media Day took place at the English School in Nicosia, in the Sports Centre on Thursday 30th January 2020, when the painting was revealed to the media.

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