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GWR I - "Largest Drawing by an Individual"

There were three unified purposes to my attempt to break the world record for the “Largest drawing by an individual”: Firstly to raise awareness about sea pollution. I chose this theme since it is a growing issue nowadays and even though people are aware of it, it is always at the back of their minds. By repeatedly raising awareness, people subconsciously adapt to living in a more eco-friendly manner. The second purpose of his attempt, was to raise funds for CYMEPA (Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association) and Greenpeace, two certified environmental charities. Finally, the attempt was a personal achievement in order to promote my art in a unique and exciting way. The theme of the 323.90 metres squared drawing was a turtle among other jellyfish, endangered amongst the debris in the ocean, such as plastic bottles and straws. The drawing was completed in the English School Sports Centre and was sponsored by: The English School, UMAR WSR, Island Oil,  EDT Offshore, Dimco, CA Papaellinas, Twins Photo Studio, Rainbow, Philotheou and Aristotelis Charalambous Services Removals Ltd, Greendot as well as individual donations 
Project GWR was entirely non-profitable, all of the net proceeds raised have been shared between the two charities supported. 2000€ were donated to CYMEPA (Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association) and the rest to Greenpeace. In my meeting with CYMEPA, it was discussed how the money can be used for beach cleaning and conservation of the marine environment. This is extremely useful, since there are endangered sea turtles here in Cyprus.

△ Photo from my first attempt to break a Guinness World Record, for the largest drawing by an individual 

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